Art Development Level 3


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The Art program provides an opportunity for children to develop the use of their senses directly and encourages the student to further develop their personal source of knowledge and creativity. Art offers the student the opportunity to experience a connection between the verbal and visual; logic and emotions; imagination and reality. The student is guided and encouraged to express feelings and emotions in their drawings and with color while promoting self-esteem and self-awareness in personal fulfillment. The imagination in children is encouraged in art. However, it will assist them in their other studies as well. This program provides an opportunity for self-discipline through instruction and cooperation while providing the student with an opportunity for self-expression by using imaginative thinking for creative solutions. The student is introduced to some of the artistic expressions and techniques from cultures around the world. Modern technology provides opportunities for the student to observe this history. The art student will use some of these elements themselves in their own artwork. Repetition, important for children, is provided at different age levels while using various tools and mediums. Home, family, traditions, friends, pets, and toys are the young student’s world. The student will explore what they know of their world. These lessons provide a deeper awareness of the world immediately around them where their journey is just beginning. As an individual each student is gifted with unique talents and ideas. Our goal is to provide each student an opportunity for personal growth for themselves and the world in which they live.
Major Concepts
• Increase self-confidence
• Develop awareness of cooperation
• Enhance the use of imagination
• Elements of Color
• Various art forms
• Attention to detailing
• Feeling materials to make art
• Combining art forms
• Discovering effects of light