College Counseling


The college counseling program is committed to the careful matching of each student with a school that is particularly appropriate for each individual. Excelsior recognizes that each student is unique — that student has his/her own educational and professional goals, academic strengths, financial resources and preference for certain geographical locations. A full-time college counselor directs an intensive counseling program which begins as soon as a student enrolls in the Upper School. Each student is advised to pursue a course of study that emphasizes his/her particular talents and strengths. All sophomores and juniors take the PSAT. SAT I and SAT II tests are taken when appropriate in the sophomore, junior and senior years. During the spring of the junior year and fall of the senior year, students meet in a monthly class with the counselor to go over all aspects of the college application process.

Early in the senior year, there is a college night for senior parents. In the fall, seniors visit colleges, arrange interviews and prepare applications and essays.

Students also have access to extensive computer resources for researching colleges.