Excelsior School admits students of any color, racial or ethnic origin to all rights, privileges, programs and activities accorded to students at the school. Excelsior does not discriminate on the basis of color, race, ethnic origin or religious affiliation with regard to the administration of its education policies, admissions policies and scholarship and aid programs.

Excelsior School (eCompus) Admissions

Our high school admissions process is simple. You can complete your enrollment in minutes.*

Step 1 – Determine your enrollment options

Enrollment Options

  • Full-Time: 4–5 courses
  • Part-Time: 2-3 Courses
  • Single –Course: 1 Course

Step 2 – Complete Enrollment/Application Form

All students must complete enrollment form.

Addition to enrollment form, all full time students must complete Application From.

Save a copy of the completed form on your computer. These documents must be saved after completing the fields, or your information will be lost. Return the completed form to Excelsior School.

Email to: [email protected],
Fax to: (626)623-6293,
or Mail to:

Excelsior School
Office of Admissions
41 W Santa Clara St.
Arcadia, CA. 91007

Step 3 – Pay the Application Fee and Tuition

Once all paperwork is received and reviewed, you can start enrolling courses online. If you are a new student and you already In two days you should receive a reply from our high school Admissions department. We will assign you a Student ID number for access to your personal learning management system (LMS), where you will manage your account, submit lessons and view grades. All students start with an online Orientation.

*NOTE: You must be at least 14 years of age to enroll in our 9th through 12th grade curriculum. Those under age 18 must provide proof of promotion to the 9th grade and be enrolled by a parent or guardian. Students must have access to the Internet.

Enrollment Complete!


We accept transfer credits and will evaluate any previous high school credits you have earned. You must arrange to have your official transcript(s) from an accredited institution sent directly to us within 90 days of enrollment. After evaluating your transcripts we will put you in the appropriate grade level and learning track. Any credits we accept and apply toward your Excelsior School diploma may reduce your tuition and the courses you need to graduate.

  • Download and print the Transcript Release Form (PDF)
  • Put in the required information and send the form to your previous school
  • Have your school fax to (626)623-6293 or mail the transcript to us at the following address:

Excelsior School
Attn: Office of Admissions
41 W Santa Clara St.
Arcadia, CA. 91007

Transfer Students

Transfer students who plan to graduate from Excelsior School will be held responsible for school graduation requirements. Course work completed outside the school will be evaluated to determine whether or not credit will be awarded. To receive a diploma from Excelsior School, a transfer student must meet the graduation requirements and have earned fifty credits Excelsior School. The transfer student must also be enrolled in the school granting the diploma in the semester of graduation. Honors courses taken in another school must correlate with Excelsior School honors courses in order for weighted credit to be awarded.

Grade Classifications

New students entering Excelsior School from another school will be classified based on the number of credits they have earned from the previous school.

Graduation ClassificationsCredits earned when school open in Fall
SeniorMore than 150
JuniorMore than 100 less than 150
SophomoreMore than 150 less than 100
FreshmanFewer than 50

Transfer Policy for Homeschooled students

Excelsior School (eCampus) has adopted the following credit transfer policy for homeschooled students:

Excelsior School (eCampus) welcomes transfer credits from qualified homeschool organizations and curriculum providers. Homeschool credits are transferred on a case-by-case basis. The cost to transfer homeschool credits to EHS is $ 25.00 per semester course. The $ 25.00 credit evaluation fee is due at the time of enrollment.

Excelsior School (eCampus) will transfer a maximum of fourteen (14) homeschool core semester course credits under certain conditions. Documentation of the credits and completion of the online HAS (Homeschool Assessment) exam is required for a homeschool credit analysis to be complete. Acceptable forms of documentation include an official transcript, scope and sequence and/or a portfolio. Excelsior School (eCampus) will accept homeschool credits earned through a qualified curriculum provider or homeschool organization.

Excelsior School (eCampus) awards credit in ten-credit (180 hours) or five-credit (90 hour) increments.


Five semester credits are granted for successfully passing a course which meets five periods per week for one semester.  No credit is earned for courses which are repeated if credit has been previously granted or for courses in which an “f” grade is received.

Parent and Student Agreement

At Excelsior School (eCampus), we understand parental involvement is a vital component of educational success. To help parents and students understand their responsibilities at Excelsior School (eCampus), administration asks both parents and students to read the Parental Agreement, Student Agreement, and Nondiscriminatory Policy below.

Parental Agreement

As the parent/guardian of a student enrolled with Excelsior School (eCampus), I understand and agree to the following:

  • I will review the School’s online handbook and academic program guidelines, and I will abide by all the policies and procedures therein.
  • I understand that it is my responsibility to meet all applicable local and state educational laws and requirements. I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to select the course of study needed to meet any applicable graduation requirements in my state.
  • I understand that I am responsible for providing on-site supervision for my student. I also acknowledge my responsibility in motivating my student to follow and complete each assigned course of study within the designated enrollment period and on a schedule that facilitates teachers’ feedback.
  • I understand that the work my student submits to the School must be his/hers solely. Tests and quizzes must be completed by the student in one sitting, independent of any other resources (e.g., answer keys, lesson text, coaching, etc.)
  • I understand that the academic year is consisting of 180 school days (approximately nine calendar months), but if necessary, a maximum of twelve months are allowed to complete one school year’s coursework.
  • I understand that the registration fee is non-refundable once it has been processed, regardless of placement test results.
  • I understand that the School reserves the right to cancel enrollment at any time due to tuition non-payment, unsatisfactory progress, program abuse, or failure to follow School procedures.
  • I have read and understand the cancellation and refund policy. If I choose to cancel or withdraw my student, I will notify the School in writing or by email.
  • I understand that the School does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, color, or national origin.
  • I am aware that the School may change policies and procedures as needed.
  • I agree to update the School with current contact information, including email, postal, shipping addresses, and telephone. I recognize that electronic mail and the Excelsior School (eCampus) website are the preferred means of communication between the School and me.
  • By enrolling my student in Excelsior School (eCampus), I grant Excelsior School (eCampus) permission to send me the School newsletter.

Student Agreement

I pledge the following:

  • I will do my best to complete my schoolwork on my own, but if I need help, I will let my parent(s) or teacher know.
  • I will treat my parents and the School’s teachers with respect.
  • I will do my best to follow the School’s rules and complete my work on schedule.
  • I will not cheat. I will answer the questions on my quizzes and tests from memory without help from any other person or source not named in the directions.
  • I will not share answers with any other student.
  • In my writing projects, I will follow the School’s guidelines for showing where I found the exact words or specific information.