With more than 150 core, elective, and credit recovery offerings, the comprehensive online courses is an engaging, standards-based curriculum suitable for all school and classroom settings. Whether in a traditional school, a charter school, an online school, or a home school, Excelsior School eCampus is fully adaptable to fit your classroom and student needs.

Excelsior School eCampus provides a rigorous and challenging breadth of curriculum for students of all abilities to equip them with the skills and knowledge to successfully move onto the next stage of their educational/career path. Courses in Core subject areas of English-Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies are offered to give all students the opportunity to enroll into the CSU or UC systems. General and Career Pathway elective courses complement the curriculum to provide real-life opportunities for our students.

Using a combination of animations, simulations, video-casts, relevant Internet sites, and myriad other activities that support the lesson topic, your child will have a wealth of information at his or her fingertips that can be reviewed as many times as necessary to achieve mastery.  Students log into their online account each school day.  Using LMS delivery platform, students have access to their courses 24/7. An Assignment Calendar shows their daily pace needed to keep each course on-track.

In addition to the regular class load, students who have a need to recover credits from previous semesters are given additional coursework if they are making adequate progress. Excelsior students also have the option to attend summer school in order to recover additional credits.

If you enjoy using technology and the Web, have a computer with Internet access, and have a desire to complete your education as an independent learner at our Online-based school then add course to your cart and checkout today!

Diploma Program

Excelsior School is accredited by Western Association of Schools and Colleges and our students are accepted into colleges and universities throughout the country. We offer you the option to choose which program is the best fit for you. In this program, parents are responsible for following the student’s progress.

Quick Facts

  • Self-paced work
  • Credits transfer from public or private accredited schools
  • Complete up to 6 semester courses per semester
  • Students set their own schedule
  • General Studies or College Prep track


Five semester credits are granted for successfully passing a course one semester.  No credit is earned for courses which are repeated if credit has been previously granted or for courses in which an “f” grade is received.

Credit Recovery

Credit recovery gives high school students who have failed a class the opportunity to redo coursework or retake a course through alternate means—and thereby avoid failure and earn academic credit. In some cases, credit recovery is touted as a dropout-prevention strategy. The most familiar form of credit recovery is perhaps summer-school programs that allow students to recover credit from courses they have failed during the regular school year.