Algebra 2 B Honors


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This course further extends the learner’s understanding of major algebra concepts, and prepares them with the building blocks needed to dive deeper into trigonometry, pre-calculus and advanced probability and statistics. Topics include radicals, quadratic functions and equations, polynomials, rationals, systems of equations and inequalities, exponents and logarithms, sequences and series, probability and statistics and trigonometry. In the honors course, students will do in depth study, problem-solving and application of algebraic concepts.
Semester B
• Use linear and non-linear inequalities to represent solution sets algebraically and graphically.
• Model real world situations using exponential and logarithmic functions and explore by graphing and solving.
• Work with geometric and arithmetic sequences and series.
• Explore and apply probability in a variety of contexts.
• Make inferences using statistical analyses.
• Explore, apply, graph and transform trigonometric functions.