Algebra 1B Honors


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Honors Algebra 1 (semester B) builds on the concepts learned in the first semester by providing a strong foundation in solving problems. Students will work with problems and applications that involve exponents, quadratic equations, polynomials and factoring methods, rational and radical equations, data analysis and probability.

Students will interact with course materials through online lessons, videos, interactive questions and real-world applications.

Each unit ends with a self-check quiz to confirm knowledge of the concepts learned. There is also a unit exam and project. Teacher feedback is given throughout the course.

Major Concepts
Exponents and Scientific Notation
Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences
Operations with Polynomials
Systems of Equations
Factoring Polynomials
Quadratic Functions and Graphs
Higher-Order Polynomials
Data Analysis and Probability
Exponential and Radical Equations
Rational Functions and Equations
In the honors course, students will do in depth study, problem-solving and application of algebraic concepts.